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Doctor, Unhurried.

The health care system today is unresponsive, disorganized, overwhelming and fraught with frustration and uncertainty. Do you have an uneasy feeling about your future health care requirements? Do you see a physician assistant or nurse practitioner when you go to your physician’s office with the expectation of seeing your doctor?

With me, Dr. Colleen Daly, as your primary care physician, you can leave those concerns behind as I welcome you to the future of internal medicine: a concierge medical practice in downtown Garden City, New York.

You deserve a relationship with a physician who engages in your health and is available when you need he or her. I focus not just upon disease management but more importantly upon disease prevention, weight loss, wellness and overall healthy living. That’s concierge medicine and that is my practice. As a concierge doctor, my practice is limited to just 300 patients (typical internal medicine physicians carry over 3,000 patients), allowing me to focus my full attention onto each individual patient. You will love this personal, accessible and patient-oriented approach. It is not only health care that fits your life, it is an investment in your health and well-being.


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Does your doctor seem rushed, distracted, not fully present and not truly listening to you when he or she is finally available to see you? Does the office feel like an assembly line with the goal of seeing as many patients as possible in a day? When was the last time you had trouble getting in to see your doctor or simply had a question and needed 5 minutes of your doctor's time but rather spent days waiting to get in touch? Regrettably, that is standard practice in today's traditional medical practice environment. My office is giving you a choice, a choice to take charge of your health and well-being to have a real relationship with me, your doctor.

It’s time to make a choice and join my practice. It's a choice you will not regret and you will be thankful that you did.

Personalized Service

Imagine me as your personal doctor who really knows you and not just your medical chart. I have the time, training, and experience to care for you, to discover what is wrong, to prevent disease and to explain to you in an unhurried atmosphere and in an easy to understand way. There is no rushing out of the exam room and running to my next patient in the exam room next door. You will get from me all the time you need. Should you need specialty care or should you be hospitalized, I will coordinate your care with specialists. This is how I practice and its what I do. It’s old school attention with modern medical care.

Your health, well-being and lifestyle should be a priority for you and at the center of your medical care. Through my practice we will create personalized health goals, including weight loss and help you reach them. And when you do get sick, you need a doctor with the experience to tackle and manage even the most complex medical issues. I have ten years of staff internist experience in a Long Island hospital. Seven of them as Director of the Hospitalist Program. As the director, I continued as a staff Internist caring for sick and critically ill patients. I served as Clerkship Director of Internal Medicine at a local medical school. I am board certified in Internal Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Care Medicine. I have seen healthy people become critically ill, and critically ill people return to good health. You only get one life, together let's make that life a priority.

Ease of Access

Often, when you call you current doctor’s office, your doctor won’t be available. Then you re-arrange your schedule to squeeze into a fifteen minute visit with his or her assistant. Does this sound familiar? We both know that this is no way to provide great patient care and it is not how I practice. You now have a choice. With my open schedule, morning and evening office availability, and direct communication by cell phone and email, you will enjoy the ease of access that I provide and surely it will fit your lifestyle.

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My Experience

I am board certified in Internal Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Care. I completed an internship in Internal Medicine at North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset and an Internal Medicine Residency at Winthrop University Hospital. Upon completing residency I have been a staff physician at a Long Island hospital.

For the past seven years I was the Director of the Hospitalist program, but recently decided to give up that position in order to focus on my concierge practice, which I believe to be the ideal style of health care. In ten years of experience, I’ve seen patients with minor medical issues as well as patients with the most complex and critical issues. I know when to call in a specialist when it is required and I will be there to guide you through that process and stay in close contact with all the specialists on your health care team.